Steve and Mike Portnoy, Part II

Steve and Mike after the Boston Dream Theater show

(September, 2003) Recently, Mike Portnoy invited me to the July show in Boston.

DT put on an amazing show, as always. (They even included "The Great Debate," a tune I'd previously not heard live, and was hoping for.) There was a huge crowd for the show (several thousand, though I'm not sure of the exact number) - anyway, it was good to see so many people turn out for this intricate, complex music. Ha, ha - "art as expression, not as market campaigns" rises again...

After the show, Mike recognized me right away and we talked for a bit. It was cool to find out we're both anticipating each others' next CD. Actually, I'm a bit taken back by Mike's ability to put on such an intense show, do media interviews, care for his family, and still find time and energy to pay attention to me (along with several DT devotees). Oh, yeah, he also writes and plays the most amazing music of the current era. Hmmm... Moving on before I start to feel like an underachiever...

As a toy designer, I'm poised to filter bits of my music out the masses, but in a rather anonymous manner. Meanwhile, tens of thousands eagerly await Mike's next extended progressive music release. To have my extended progressive folk/rock music spinning around in Mike's head, then, ties two worlds together for me - "the personal art I try to create" and "the community of the art I love."

So now, it seems, Mike's moved up to the stage of encouraging me... This means a lot, as all "local" (versus "successful") musicians know. Thanks again, Mike. I'll keep writing and recording...

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